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8 Benefits for Sponsors Using the Trial Results Summaries Portal


March 29, 2017

MARCH 29, 2017


Clinical Trial Sponsors are looking to provide trial results summaries, also known as “lay-language summaries” or “plain-language summaries.”  TrialScope recently launched the Trial Results Summaries portal at to help sponsors meet their commitment to inform and educate trial participants and the general public about clinical trial results. Providing summary information in an easily accessible web portal can help sponsors reduce distribution challenges and avoid privacy risks of direct mailing such summaries to participants. The Trial Results Summaries portal offers yet another way for sponsors to act on their commitment to transparency.

Sponsor benefits of the Trial Results Summaries portal

1. Improved access for your trial participants

Participants can subscribe to be notified when Trial Results Summaries are available in their desired language. They can access summaries when and where they want and easily share the results with others (e.g. their health care providers).

2. Increased communication

The Trial Results Summaries portal provides a multi-language environment to allow patients and participants to browse the site in their preferred language. Additionally, the portal offers an optional high-contrast display to assist the visually impaired.

3. Trial results summaries are in the hands of participants faster

Sponsors can get their results to participants faster using the Trial Results Summaries portal because there is no need to wait for the logistics of printing, shipping, and contacting trial participants once the summaries are available. Clinical trial sponsors simply upload the trial results summary to the website and the subscriber is notified within a few minutes of the upload.

4. Maintain distance between sponsor and participant

By partnering with TrialScope on a central, multi-sponsor solution that is managed by a vendor, sponsors can maintain distance between the sponsor and patient and remove the promotional context that may be associated with publishing trial results summaries on a sponsor’s own website.

5. Increased investigator satisfaction

Sponsors can reduce the burden on site investigators to track and distribute trial results summaries to their participants. In addition, investigators can help their participants subscribe to their trial results summary at the end of the trial, helping the site provide better service to their participants

6. Lower cost of providing results

Providing Trial Results Summaries to participants on the portal reduces the cost of providing results to participants. Sponsors can reduce the printing and shipping costs, as well as costs associated with keeping track of participants in order to share these result summaries.

7. No duplicate data entry

Study data can be imported in the standard format to populate general study information that is displayed on the site. This eliminates the need to do additional data entry, and allows the content on the portal to match what is displayed on the public registry.

8. Simple implementation

The team at TrialScope has a proven track record of providing SaaS solutions to the life sciences industry. The Trial Results Summaries portal is available now. There is no need to wait for a website to be designed, built, and tested.  Clinical trial sponsors can get up and running quickly with no additional overhead for your IT department.