Stay compliant, worldwide.

Ensuring clinical trial compliance around the world is a continual challenge. Updating multiple registries to meet evolving requirements gets unwieldy — and keeping geographically dispersed teams on the same page becomes exponentially difficult over time.

Global Disclosure Compliance offers a remedy. Add it to your TrialScope Disclose™ platform and confidently manage global compliance in one secure, centralized location. It provides easy-to-read visuals telling you what to disclose and when — and tools to help your team plan and prioritize disclosure activities based on worldwide compliance deadlines and real-time status.

Manage clinical trial disclosure performance
around the world

Gain visibility into compliance wherever registries exist with TrialScope Global Disclosure Compliance.

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Sync with global registries

You don’t have to know to know each and every single registry’s specific requirements — TrialScope Global Disclosure Compliance does that for you. As global regulations change, your platform updates automatically to keep you compliant based your unique trial portfolio.

Know what to disclose and when

With TrialScope, nothing slips through the cracks. You’ll see when you have compliance events in any supported registry, all over the world, on a clean, easy-to-read dashboard — and get notifications when you need to add or modify compliance information.

Easily report on global compliance

No more cobbling together spreadsheets or searching for missing data. TrialScope’s executive dashboards and data visualizations empower you to report on global compliance status and performance metrics quickly, accurately, and professionally.

“TrialScope allows for our organization to work
efficiently cross-functionally to ensure global
compliance to clinical regulations.”

Project Manager, Clinical Trial Data Transparency

See how simple global compliance can be.