Redefining how patient
recruitment works.

Clinical trials need patients.
Healthcare organizations have
broad patient reach.
TrialScope Connect™ bridges the divide.

Increasing the visibility of trials across multiple channels.


Of clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients


Of patients are unaware of clinical trial opportunities

TrialScope Connect is a first-of-its-kind collective that powers smarter, simpler patient referrals for clinical trials. The platform enables sponsors to securely share clinical trial data and recruitment opportunities with a vetted network of patient recruitment companies, healthcare organizations, and patient advocacy groups.


For sponsors. For recruiters. For patients.

How TrialScope Connect brings everyone together for more effective patient recruitment.

Clinical trial sponsors accelerate recruitment by mobilizing a broad and diverse collective of recruitment organizations. The platform simplifies the management of working with more organizations while also ensuring sites receive high-quality referrals. Sponsors gain total transparency of their trials’ recruitment activity and optimize spend through per-performance pricing.

Recruitment companies and healthcare organizations can work with more sponsors and be compensated for their activity. They can further refine their efforts using TrialScope platform capabilities including an API that attributes matches to the referring partners.

At its core, TrialScope Connect enables its collective members to deliver faster, more accurate matches for patients—which means less frustration and greater likelihood of trial participation.

One place for matching the right patient
to the right clinical trial.

TrialScope Connect brings both sides of the study recruitment equation closer together.

For Trial Sponsors

Broaden your recruitment funnel

Mobilize a diverse and growing collective of qualified patient referral partners.