Developing breakthrough science is complex. Disclosing it shouldn't be.

Our all-in-one solution streamlines and simplifies the entire clinical trial disclosure process from initial registration to final results — mitigating risk, maximizing transparency, and clearing the way for trial sponsors to move healthcare forward.

Trial Milestone Data

Public Registry Data

Trial Results Data

The most widely used
platform for clinical trial
disclosure management.

Everyone benefits from better transparency around clinical trials. But in a complex and ever-evolving regulatory landscape, navigating the clinical trial disclosure process can be difficult for even the most diligent sponsors.

Accelerated clinical trial disclosure starts here.

Technology designed to
optimize trial disclosure.

Avoid penalties, build public trust, and enjoy peace of mind.

Our platform is powered by an intelligent disclosure rules engine that automatically tells you what to submit, when, and where — across registries, even as regulations evolve.

Smart, streamlined workflows.

Put an end to inbox chaos and outdated manual processes.

Streamline data entry, manage approvals, and submit trial information quicker and more accurately — all from one platform that guides you from protocol to registration to results.

Compliance made simple.

Mitigate risk and maximize transparency from a single, centralized source.

Via a visually stunning, data-driven dashboard, check compliance status and submit required trial data in a comprehensive, timely manner — for painless audits and records that stand up to scrutiny.

Reuse your data

Improve quality and work more efficiently with bi-directional sync across forms and registries.

Collaborate Globally

Work better together with field-level commenting and verified e-signatures.

Integrate seamlessly

Reduce data entry time & errors with automatic data sync from any source system.

Ensure timely compliance

Track due dates against our proprietary disclosure rules library.

Reduce submission errors

Automatically validate fields against registry requirements and configurable business rules.

Streamline reviews & approvals

Configurable workflows and automated alerts guide stakeholders through the process, even on mobile.

Trusted by those
who move medicine forward.

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