TrialScope Connect™ is a first-of-its-kind Patient Referral Collective: an online platform designed to power smarter, simpler patient referrals for clinical trial recruitment. By intelligently connecting trial sponsors with advocacy groups, traditional recruitment firms, and other healthcare partners, it offers a new set of tools for efficiently matching the right participants with the right trials.

Better for Sponsors. Better for Recruiters. Better for Patients.

With TrialScope Connect, clinical trial sponsors can securely share data with a broad number of select patient referral partners — all in one place. They can see with total transparency their analytics on all patient referral channels, assess performance, optimize spend — and verify each referral before compensation.

Patient referral partners gain access to rich, detailed data on key trial requirements, making it easier to identify and refer high-quality leads with greater accuracy. The contracts and payments are managed by the TrialScope Connect platform — and referrals are tracked automatically.

In the end, it all adds up to faster, more accurate matches for patients — which means less frustration and greater likelihood of trial participation.

For Trial Sponsors

  • Broaden your recruitment funnel.
    Easily connect directly with a vast and growing community of qualified partners.
  • Screen to your precise needs.
    Securely share detailed trial data and requirements with potential partners.
  • Automate referral verification.
    Know you have the right match before compensating referral partners.
  • Track results with ease.
    Gain confidence with increased transparency and analytics on all your referral channels.

For Patient Referral Partners 

  • Access more trials
    Instantly and seamlessly access sponsors responsible for over 40% of industry trials.
  • Improve matching capabilities.
    Gain secure access to private and detailed trial screening data unavailable elsewhere.
  • Eliminate manual tracking.
    Automatically track end-to-end enrollment status of referrals — no manual follow-up.