Core Disclosure provides a foundation for tracking and managing core disclosure content. Most clinical trial sponsors have compiled a common set of disclosure data that is relevant to numerous markets and different registries. Traditionally, this data is reviewed and approved within disjointed processes that don’t support reuse. Core Disclosure enables teams to approve disclosure content once and reuse it across various disclosure channels, including health authorities, global registries, and other public channels. This approach to disclosure helps sponsors to:

  • Sustain patient-centric transparency programs that support expanded disclosure without increasing risk
  • Maintain alignment of global disclosure content, regardless of the channel in which it is made publicly available
  • Reduce redundant approval processes while preserving the integrity of disclosure data

Features & Capabilities

  • Single master protocol form lists key, common data elements across and EudraCT
  • Users can import and export and EudraCT xml
  • Configurable list of fields along with simplified data entry reduce opportunities for error
  • Interface offers printer friendly view of protocol disclosure content

Download the Core Disclosure Data Sheet.