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Vetting Your Vendor: A Reputation for Success


May 2, 2019

Not all vendors are created equally, especially when it comes to clinical trial disclosure and transparency (D&T). As with any vendor, you should look at more than just the price tag. Do your research. How long has the vendor been in business? What does its client roster look like? What kind of  reputation does it have in the industry?

While we can’t vouch for other vendors, we can speak to our own story, our own successes (and those of our customers). TrialScope was founded in 2012, and it’s no secret that TrialScope Dislcose is the most widely used clinical trial disclosure software today.

The numbers speak for themselves. In fact, 13 of the top 15 industry sponsors rely on our products. Our products help more than 12,000 users manage 30,000-plus trials on our platform. And our customers represent 40 percent of all studies registered on

There’s a reason for that. 

We eat, breathe and sleep disclosure. It’s what we do. For other vendors, disclosure and transparency may account for only a small percentage of their business. Ask yourself this: Will I receive the attention I need and deserve if D&T is not the vendor’s main area of focus?

Because disclosure is our bread and butter, over the years we have formed strong working relationships with industry associations and regulatory agencies. We keep tabs on changing disclosure regulations – so our customers don’t have to. With innumerable changes to PRS and the ever-evolving EU regulations, we make sure our platform is kept updated to reflect those changes.

Some vendors offer disclosure software. Some vendors offer disclosure services. It’s rare to find a vendor that offers both. To complement our cutting-edge software, we offer both advisory and disclosure services to meet the needs of sponsors large and small.

Our disclosure team has more than 50 years of collective disclosure experience. We are fortunate to have on our staff two of the industry’s thought leaders in disclosure and transparency. Thomas Wicks, Chief Strategy Officer, is responsible for tracking regulatory and market trends that shape TrialScope’s clinical trial disclosure and transparency solutions. Francine Lane, Vice President of Global Disclosure, is chair of the Drug Information Association (DIA) Clinical Trial Disclosure Community. Both regularly speak at industry trade shows and are quoted in – and write for – industry publications. If you’re not sure what a vendor’s standing is in the industry, do an online search of the company’s name and its leaders to see what contributions they make, if any, to the industry’s knowledge base.

Because we serve many of the top pharma companies as well as small biotechs, we have experience working with all types of clinical trials and all types of therapeutic areas. We share best practices within the TrialScope community, and all customers benefit as a result.

Our customer base is growing, not shrinking. To date, we have not lost a single customer to a competitor. Yes, our technology is reliable and easy to use, but it’s our customer service that’s icing on the cake. We’re proud of our white-glove approach to software implementation. It’s important to find out exactly what level of support you’ll receive from a vendor after implementation.

Other questions to ask yourself are: How can a company continue to support a product line as clients dwindle? Do I want to rely on an organization that is stagnant or backward-moving, or one that is forward-thinking and growing? At TrialScope, we funnel money back into our products, investing seven figures into our software annually to continuously upgrade and improve our solutions.

If your current vendor is not growing and changing within the disclosure and transparency space, you could be headed for a major problem. You may already be experiencing some cracks in the foundation. If one of those cracks is big enough, the bottom is destined to fall out.

Finally, ask yourself this: How can I learn more about TrialScope’s products and services? We’ve got the answer to that, too. Email us at or call us at +1-877-658-8310.